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Altec Sentry Training Programs

Altec’s Sentry Training programs comply with ANSI standards and provide operators the knowledge and skills needed to operate Altec equipment productively and safely. Sentry instructors will come directly to you for personalized training, or you can sign up for a scheduled training date.

Training course options include instructor-led programs and self-directed training kits, covering a variety of topics such as unit setup and operation, digger and pole-puller operation, material handling and Altec’s ISO-grip system. Both options include comprehensive training complete with workbooks, tests and evaluation sheets. Instructor-led programs also provide one-on-one hands-on training to validate operator skills. Upon successful completion, the operator will receive a certificate of completion and a wallet card.

Visit Altec’s training date page at www.altec.com/safety/sentry-training-dates to view a list of scheduled hands-on trainings. To request a quote or to schedule your team’s customized training, fill out an operator training quote at www.altec.com/safety/operator-training-quote with your class type, size and requested location. www.altec.com/safety


Kwik-Trim Mechanical Tree Trimmer

Loftness Specialized Equipment has released a new version of its Kwik-Trim compact mechanical tree trimmer for right-of-way maintenance work. Featuring an upgraded chassis and powertrain, the new unit offers more horsepower, increased stability and easier maintenance than the previous model.

Equipped with a turbocharged 47.6-horsepower diesel engine, the Kwik-Trim meets Tier 4 compliance without requiring diesel exhaust fluid. In addition to producing more power, the updated engine provides superior fuel efficiency.

Compared with the previous Kwik-Trim model, the new unit is approximately 800 pounds heavier with an operating footprint that is 7 inches wider and 7 inches longer, helping to maximize stability on difficult terrain. Despite the increases in size and weight, the unit is still compact enough to access tight job sites and light enough to be towed behind a pickup. A new hose reel mount eliminates the need for external boom support during road transport. www.loftness.com


Derive Systems Idle Reduction Technology

Derive Efficiency from Derive Systems offers technology that lowers vehicle idle levels by up to 30 percent, significantly reducing fuel costs, increasing miles per gallon and cleaning up a fleet’s carbon footprint by up to 16 percent. Derive Systems has reduced fuel consumption and emissions for Dish Network’s 4,700 fleet vehicles, saving them more than $2 million in fuel spending, or the equivalent of removing about 300 vans from the fleet. In addition, carbon emissions were reduced by over 9,000 tons of CO2, or the equivalent of removing 1,680 cars from the road annually.

Since 2003, Derive Systems has produced fuel savings software that saves both public and private fleets millions of dollars. Independently verified by government labs, the company works with fleet managers to optimize engine calibrations based upon a fleet’s distinct operating environment and practices.

More than 50,000 vehicles on the road are using Derive Efficiency, including fleets from Pepsi, Sears and many law enforcement agencies and government municipalities. www.derivesystems.com



Westport Alternative Fuel Options

Westport Innovations Inc. recently announced that the company will offer dedicated, liquid propane systems for 2016 Ford 5.0L F-150 trucks. This new liquid propane system will be offered in addition to Westport’s compressed natural gas package for 2016 Ford F-150 trucks. Both fuel options are part of the Westport WiNG Power System and are expected to be certified to EPA and CARB standards.

Westport is taking advantage of Ford’s new natural gas and propane gaseous-prep package, which is now available on model year 2016 vehicles. Designed to transport passengers and cargo, the 2016 Ford F-150 offers a 5.0L engine with improved emissions compared to gasoline. The new aluminum alloy body reduces the weight of the truck by as much as 700 pounds. In addition, the existing Ford OEM warranty remains intact.

The benefits of Westport’s new liquid propane system include standard 24-gallon fuel tank or optional 16-gallon tank; simplified maintenance of an easily replaceable inline filter; no additional scanning tools required for diagnostic service; fuel pump life expectancy of 150,000 miles; and consistent volumetric efficiency, resulting in superior power and emissions when compared to existing vapor propane systems.

While most liquefied petroleum gas offerings in the market today take up valuable truck bed space, Westport’s tank packages will be located underbody, thereby creating additional capability and productivity for fleets. www.westport.com/wing


Scott Powerline Mantis GTC-1200

Scott Powerline & Utility Equipment has enjoyed many firsts with the Mantis Crane product line – one of the first dealers, one of the first to place the cranes in a rental fleet and one of the first to introduce several new models over the years. The company has continued that tradition with Tadano Mantis’ new GTC-1200 model. This crane features a 155-foot full-power telescopic boom as well as a two-piece bifold lattice jib and extension, giving a maximum rated tip height of more than 220 feet. Further, it allows customers important pick-and-carry capability through 360 degrees. The crane has superior gradability, and its design incorporates many new safety and ease-of-operation features. It is self-erecting and uses the proven Tadano AML-C LMI system.

Scott Powerline’s GTC-1200 is the first of this model to be received by a dealer, placed in a rental fleet and now put to work. The crane is currently in use on a 345-kV power-line construction project near Floydada, Texas, where it is placing steel poles ranging in height from 120 feet to 195 feet.

Monroe, La.-based Scott Powerline & Utility Equipment rents, sells and services a wide range of equipment, including boom trucks, bucket trucks, cranes, crawlers with winches, digger derricks, multipurpose amphibious vehicles, pressure drills, sign trucks, track-mounted equipment, vacuum excavators and wire-stringing equipment. www.scottpowerline.com


Zuna Drive Cellphone Case

The Zuna Drive cellphone case is designed to help prevent distracted driving. Not only is it a high-quality, protective cell case, it is also a safe, hands-free vehicle mounting solution for use in most vehicles. The Zuna Drive secures the phone to any vehicle vent with no additional attachments. The design combines a sturdy, impact-absorbing phone case with a uniquely designed built-in mounting clip that seamlessly attaches to any horizontal heating or cooling vent found in a vehicle. The Zuna Drive secures the phone in place for navigation without a bulky mounting appliance that can block a driver’s view.

The patented design of the product helps to ensure the phone stays in line of sight, allowing drivers to navigate via GPS while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. And unlike dashboard-mounting devices, the product easily travels with the user from vehicle to vehicle.

The Zuna Drive is currently available for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and iPhone 5/5s; it will also be available later this year for the Samsung Galaxy. The product weighs just a few ounces and comes in your choice of gray, blue or orange. www.zuna.com


Coats 90X Tire Changer

Built on the recognized X-Series platform, the 90X tire changer delivers the fastest floor-to-floor cycle time with the combination of the two-speed electric motor and Coats’ exclusive leverless-power Hybrid Duckhead. The motor has a rotating speed of 10 and 20 CW/10 CCW. The base speed is beneficial for difficult tire assemblies, while the high speed is beneficial for everyday assemblies. The Hybrid Duckhead acts as a traditional helper device by keeping the bead in the drop center while mounting the top bead. Its hybrid tail conforms to the rim, mirroring its radius and placing the tire in an optimal position, which eases installation.

The 90X is capable of the broadest range of tire and wheel combinations – more than any other swing-arm tire changer on the market. The articulating Robo-Arm and the right-side RoboRoller simplify even the most difficult tire and wheel assemblies. The Robo-Arm provides direct pressure to create a bead lock and keep the bead in the drop center during the tire-mount process. The RoboRoller provides additional power when mounting difficult tire assemblies. Keeping the bead in the drop center, the RoboRoller prevents the bead from rolling back over the mount tool. www.ammcoats.com


Santa Monica AltCar Expo to Take Place September 18-19

On September 18 and 19, the city of Santa Monica will present the 10th AltCar Expo, the region’s first car show dedicated to alternative fuel vehicles and transportation.

AltCar Expo is an opportunity to see all of the current alternative fuel vehicles on the market in one place, with all of the accompanying rebates and incentives. Most will be available for test drive. AltCar Expo will present the most up-to-date infrastructure announcements and details. The event will also feature a number of North American vehicle debuts, lectures and demonstrations.

Admission to AltCar Expo is free and includes all public programming, excluding the Government, Fleet & Industry Conference. www.altcarexpo.com


PreView Wireless Offers Blind Spot Detection

PreView Wireless utilizes Preco Electronics’ patented, pulsed radar technology to detect moving and stationary objects in an operator’s blind spots to significantly reduce accidents and save lives. By eliminating the need to run cables through the truck body, PreView Wireless reduces installation time by more than half while providing the best blind spot detection protection available.

To reduce your blind spot accidents by more than 75 percent like other Preco customers, contact the company for a no-obligation consultation and quote. www.previewradar.com


NAFTC Announces Fall 2015 Training Schedule

The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) has released its fall alternative fuel vehicle training schedule. The schedule includes courses for automotive technicians, including Light-Duty Natural Gas Vehicle Training, Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel System Inspector Training and Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician Training. The schedule also includes the Hydrogen, Hydrogen Vehicle and Hydrogen Fleet Awareness Workshop. This workshop is for automotive technicians, fleet managers, municipalities and others interested in understanding hydrogen as a fuel source.

All classes feature a combination of classroom and hands-on training and will be held at the NAFTC headquarters in Morgantown, W.Va. Continuing education units from West Virginia University are available for all training classes.

Courses will be held on the following dates:
• Light-Duty Natural Gas Vehicle Training, October 19-21
• Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel System Inspector Training, October 22-23
• Electric Drive Vehicle Automotive Technician Training, August 17-21 and November 16-20
• Hydrogen, Hydrogen Vehicle and Hydrogen Fleet Awareness Workshop, September 22

Additional classes may be added. If you have a specific training need not addressed by the current offerings, please contact NAFTC to discuss customized training options. In addition to the sessions listed on the schedule, all NAFTC training sessions are available as contract training specifically for outside groups and organizations. These sessions can be hosted either at the NAFTC headquarters or your preferred location. http://naftc.wvu.edu/course_workshop_information/training_schedule

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