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Doosan Portable Light Towers

Doosan Portable Power has expanded its line of portable light towers with the introduction of two small-body model light towers – the LSV6 and LSV8. Both towers are standard-equipped with a vertical mast that manually extends to 25 feet, 6 inches with four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps. A hydraulic actuated tower is available as an upgrade option on both LSV models.

The LSV6 is powered by a Tier 4 Final-compliant Kubota D1005BG diesel engine with a Mecc Alte 6-kW alternator, and the LSV8 is equipped with a Tier 4 Final Kubota D1105 engine and Mecc Alte 8-kW alternator.

The voltage in both light towers allows operators to utilize the receptacle power function to simultaneously power tools or heaters while providing optimal illumination for oil and gas exploration, construction sites, emergency and disaster relief, as well as drilling applications. Both units have a 42.5-gallon diesel fuel tank with a minimum runtime of 82 hours with four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps. www.doosanportablepower.com


Ditch Witch HD Backreamers

Ditch Witch has released a new line of heavy-duty (HD) backreamers to help underground construction operators improve productivity and tool durability on horizontal directional drilling job sites. New to all model designs, the HD backreamers are now equipped with standard API threads to fit any industry drill under 100,000 pounds.

The new models include the Beavertail HD, Warthog HD, Kodiak HD and Compact Fluted HD backreamers.

For improved fluid flow, the Beavertail HD backreamers are equipped with replaceable, hardened-steel Allen head nozzles. A flow-through shaft and rugged cutting design give this backreamer efficient fluid mixing capability.

Designed to require less torque and reduce drag when back-reaming, the Warthog HD model improves production and flow efficiency around the cutters and reamer body.

To reduce friction and the possibility of jams while drilling, the Kodiak HD backreamer enables cuttings and fluid to flow over the product and out the bore hole by providing optional drilling fluid from the rear of the tool.

Similar to the Kodiak HD design, the Compact Fluted HD backreamer reduces friction and the possibility of jamming by forcing fluid out the swivel plate. The improved heavy-duty casting design provides smooth pushback and maximum durability. www.ditchwitch.com


Sherman+Reilly Pintle-Eye Trailer Configuration

Sherman+Reilly Inc. has enhanced the towing ability of its Revolution Series transmission equipment product line with the addition of a pintle-eye trailer configuration for use with line trucks. The new platform of trailers provides reductions in overall weight and allows for a smaller field and storage footprint.

The new pintle-eye versions of the Revolution Series can be found on the T-7212-P Bullwheel Tensioner, PTR-7230S-P Split Model Puller/Tensioner/Reconductorer and RC-2500X-P Powered Reel Carrier.

The T-7212-P Bullwheel Tensioner is built with two pairs of 72-inch, five-groove bullwheels and delivers a maximum tensioning capacity of 12,000 pounds per subconductor or bullwheel pair. Each bullwheel has its own planetary gearbox and hydraulic motor with spring-applied hydraulic release brake.

The PTR-7230S-P Split Model Puller/Tensioner/Reconductorer, in a paired unit, delivers up to 30,000 pounds of pulling force and tensions up to 25,000 pounds. With a maximum speed of 4 mph, the Revolution Series PTR’s 72-inch bullwheels provide constant tension and precision control, and are designed to handle transmission-class conductors.

The RC-2500X-P Powered Reel Carrier, when paired with the PTR-7230S-P, provides an 84-inch rope reel with an optional 25,000 feet of Unitrex synthetic rope. This reel carrier offers full hydraulic back tension to the bullwheels that helps keep the rope or conductor tight around them. www.sherman-reilly.com


Rock Mills’ Lifter PLUS

Rock Mills Enterprises has introduced the Lifter PLUS, which complements and builds on the success of the existing Lifter. According to the company, the Lifter is the most innovative product on the market to safely and efficiently remove manhole covers and drainage grates. In most cases, removing covers and grates is as simple as pushing a button on a remote control.

The Lifter PLUS delivers 3,500 pounds of magnetic gripping capacity. This added capacity directly addresses the need for a more powerful tool to remove very heavy covers that may also have rib and lettering designs. The added magnetic gripping capacity allows the magnet to compensate for reduced surface contact area and deliver exceptional lifting capability.

The Lifter PLUS comes with the two options now available with The Lifter. It is offered with or without the roadway camera and dash monitor. In addition, Rock Mills Enterprises is introducing a new 30-inch swing arm with 600 pounds of load capacity. This addresses the demand for a swing arm with longer reach and greater load capacity. www.rockmillsent.com


DrīvActiv Safe-Driving Simulator System

Driving Dynamics has completed the development and production of its latest technology advancement for driver safety training. Full-scale mobile simulators will be available as part of the company’s driver safety training curriculum starting the first quarter of 2016. The DrīvActiv system, developed by Driving Dynamics’ educational and technical teams, has been uniquely engineered to bring together the benefits of training location mobility, on-site instructors and sophisticated simulator technology.

The flexible design of DrīvActiv simulators will allow the company to deliver multiple units for each instructor-led training course to sites across North America and will provide fleet operators access to advanced performance safety training for up to 20 drivers a day at a single location. In addition, simulator units can be ergonomically adjusted to fit each student in the seat.

In Driving Dynamics’ simulator-based courses, four students working with two instructors will each be assigned his or her own simulator to engage in a segment of active practice coupled with feedback. The software component of DrīvActiv training will include scenarios that provide on-the-fly, street-level and overhead views, drive-time playback and real-time performance analytics designed to diagnose driver errors, provide immediate feedback and further facilitate personal coaching opportunities. www.drivingdynamics.com


Prolong Motor Oil with Anti-Friction Technology

Prolong Super Lubricants now offers a premium diesel engine oil featuring the company’s proprietary Anti-Friction Metal Treatment. This advanced technology bonds to metal surfaces and creates a protective layer that reduces friction, provides excellent wear protection and increases fuel efficiency.

Formulated with a blend of high-quality synthetic base oils and additives, Prolong’s 15W-40 Diesel Motor Oil is designed to exceed API service classifications CJ-4/SN/SM.

Prolong’s 15W-40 oil for diesel engines and commercial use is available in 1-quart and 1-gallon bottles, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. Prolong products can be found at many retail locations and can also be purchased online. www.prolong.com


Eaton and Cummins Expand Powertrain Offerings

Power management company Eaton has collaborated with Cummins to expand their lineup of integrated ISX15 SmartAdvantage powertrains. This will provide customers with additional choices tailored to their unique applications and operations. A new SmartAdvantage direct drive ratio is now available, and new engine ratings for the small-step overdrive ratios are being announced.

The new SmartAdvantage direct drive ratio is available in Cummins ISX15 400 HP and 450 HP ratings with 1550/1750 foot-pounds torque rating, ensuring optimal performance at lower rpm when combined with a 2.26- or 2.28-axle ratio. This package is the ideal solution for line haul or regional haul applications that operate in flat and hilly road terrains at cruise speeds in the range of 50 to 62 mph.

Launched in 2013, the SmartAdvantage powertrain with small-step technology is now available with new 400 HP and 420 HP ratings that provide customers with additional options beyond the original 450 HP rating. Small-step technology provides the benefits of a direct drive and an overdrive transmission configuration and is ideal where cruising speeds exceed 62 mph or where vehicles spend a high percentage of time – 75 percent or more – at a set cruise speed. www.eaton.com, www.cummins.com


Voyager Rearview Mirror Monitor

The Voyager Replacement Rearview Mirror Monitor from ASA Electronics displays real-time images of a vehicle’s blind spots on the operator’s rearview mirror, making it more manageable for vehicle operators to change lanes, merge into traffic and perform backing maneuvers. Light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicle applications that previously had no use for a traditional rearview mirror can now utilize the new Voyager VOM73MM in place of the OEM-supplied option.

The monitor includes a 7-inch TFT LCD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It supports three camera inputs for rear and side camera applications. The monitor can be powered manually or automatically triggered by 12VDC power. Front side button control allows for manual camera source selection and picture adjustment. The Voyager mirror monitor works with all Voyager cameras and is a replacement option for rearview mirrors on Ford, GM, Dodge and Sprinter chassis. www.asaelectronics.com


Ditch Witch Ride-On Trencher

The new and improved RT80 ride-on trencher from Ditch Witch is a powerful and versatile midrange machine equipped for heavy-duty trenching in small places.

Powered by a 74.5-horsepower turbocharged Deutz Tier 4 diesel engine, the RT80 enables long-term productivity to meet the demands of most heavy-duty trenching jobs. The compact design and extensive axle capacity give the machine a best-in-class static load rating of 39,000 pounds.

For improved versatility, the RT80 has a tight turn radius and is equipped with a three-speed, shift-on-the-fly ground drive control, providing contractors more options as job site conditions and requirements change. The machine also features a standard cruise control system that senses changing load conditions and automatically adjusts for uninterrupted performance.

Contractors looking for cost-efficient, multipurpose machines will benefit from the RT80’s versatile attachment selections, including a centerline trencher, sliding trencher, vibratory plow, earth saw, combination trencher/plow, microtrencher, backhoe and reel carrier. In addition, removable side panels provide easy access to all engine compartments and maintenance points.

The RT80 ride-on trencher keeps operators in command at all times with precise dial control of ground drive speed and attachments, as well as an LCD color display that shows all engine information and diagnostics. www.ditchwitch.com


Golight Off-Road Lamp

Golight Inc. recently introduced its GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp. The lamp’s rugged form was inspired by and emulates the look of today’s off-road tires. The bezel of the GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp features six air induction ports that enhance its thermal management capabilities and promote product longevity.

The lamp’s optics have been specially engineered for the environment unique to off-road driving. The sophisticated plano-convex lens optimally controls the substantial light generated by the lamp’s seven high-output LEDs, creating an intense 130,000-candela beam with a 12-degree angle that provides ample peripheral illumination, while preserving center beam intensity. The tough polycarbonate lens is protected by an integrated brush guard grill with four cross-members.

The GXL 4211’s unique air induction ports surround the periphery of its 3.5-inch-diameter lens, and are part of an ingenious active thermal management system that employs both aerodynamics and solid-state electronics to protect and maximize the lifespan of its LEDs. When moving, the lamp is designed to channel six separate air currents over the lamp’s internal heat sink array.

Designed with multivolt flexibility and convenience in mind, the lamp accommodates virtually any vehicle electrical system operating between 9 and 36 volts. Installation is easy for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, and as added protection the lamp features over-voltage and reverse polarity protection. www.golight.com

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