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Buyers Products’ Waterproof Winches

Buyers Products has introduced new waterproof, electric winches. Available in two sizes – 9,500-pound and 12,000-pound – the new commercial-grade electric line pull winches are ideal for utility, government and contractor fleet vehicles.

The waterproof-submersible construction seals and protects the electronics and internals for reliable use in the harshest environments. The 12-volt winch is powered by a 4.9-horsepower series wound motor. A high-speed, three-stage, planetary gear box provides quick, efficient line speed.

The 3/8-inch galvanized winch cable is 100 feet long. A standard spooling clutch provides quick, manual deployment of the winch cable. An auto-brake and power in and power out by the hand-held remote or optional wireless remote provide consistent load control for the user. www.buyersproducts.com


Knapheide EC Series Service Bodies

The Knapheide Manufacturing Co. has developed service bodies for half-ton and compact trucks. EC Series Service Bodies feature an optimized understructure for superior strength-to-weight ratio and possess many of the standard features customers have come to expect from Knapheide.

Traditionally confined to utilizing only cross- or side-mounted toolboxes or toppers, half-ton and compact truck owners now have the ability to transition into a dedicated service body, which promotes forced organization to drive efficiency and productivity. Loaded with innovative standard features like automotive-quality rotary latches, stainless steel continuous hinges and E-Coat prime paint protection, the EC Series Service Bodies are built to provide years of dependable service for owner-operators.

EC Series Service Bodies are available through Knapheide’s extensive North American distribution network. www.knapheide.com 


Super Bright LEDs Launches “My Vehicle” Feature

Now that Super Bright LEDs has introduced their new “My Vehicle” website feature, choosing vehicle bulbs is even easier than before.

The bulb compatibility feature will tell users if a bulb is compatible with their vehicle at the top of every vehicle bulb page. A green bar means the bulb is compatible with the current vehicle; a red bar means the bulb is not compatible.

Website users have the ability to keep up to 32 vehicles and switch between vehicles. Large fleet owners will see a big benefit by keeping their vehicles saved and having the ability to easily choose bulbs for each vehicle.

Users will also be able to select a primary vehicle, which will appear first in “My Vehicles” sections across the site, and will be automatically selected when signed in to the site. You can easily change your primary vehicle or delete vehicles in the “Manage Vehicles” screen. www.superbrightleds.com


McNeilus CNG Inspection Program

McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing Inc. has introduced a comprehensive compressed natural gas (CNG) inspection services program designed to enhance the safety and integrity of natural gas-powered vehicle fleets. Conducted by certified technicians, the McNeilus inspection services program includes an NFPA 52 Compliance Review and is available through the company’s extensive service center network and fleet of mobile service vehicles.

In addition to CNG inspection services, McNeilus is uniquely positioned to offer additional support services to commercial fleets. Through its nationwide network of branch locations and service centers, McNeilus maintains a strategic inventory of commonly required replacement parts for a wide range of CNG configurations. The company’s certified technicians are trained to conduct on-site problem-solving and in-the-field repairs, including both high- and low-pressure filter maintenance. www.ngencng.com


Transfer Flow Refueling Tank

Transfer Flow Inc., a leading manufacturer of aftermarket fuel tank systems, has introduced a 40-gallon refueling tank for 2010-2015 light-duty pickups, including the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, GMC Canyon, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra and Tacoma. This tank allows you to manually fuel your ATV, vehicle and more. The fuel system comes standard with a 12-volt refueling pump, wiring harness with cab-mounted power switch, 12-foot hose and fuel nozzle, locking fuel cap and mounting hardware. For added convenience, the tank comes preassembled, and its height allows it to fit under most standard tonneau bed covers.

The 40-gallon refueling tank is made from 12-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance, and is baffled on all four sides to reduce fuel slosh. The fuel tank is powder-coated black with the option of a high-end elastomeric polymer spray-on coating for additional durability.

The tank also comes with a special permit from the Department of Transportation, making it legal for transport of gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol and aviation fuel. www.transferflow.com


Goodyear Fuel Max Retread

Regional fleets that require a balance of fuel efficiency, traction and long miles to removal have a new PreCure retread option from The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

The G682 RSD Fuel Max is designed for drive applications and is SmartWay-verified. It features Goodyear Fuel Max Technology, which incorporates fuel-saving compounds and tread designs to lower rolling resistance and promote greater fuel efficiency; a rugged tread design for outstanding traction at all stages of wear; scrub-resistant compounding to help extend tread life by resisting excessive wear, chunking, cracking and chipping; and 24/32-inch tread depth for longer tread life.

The G682 RSD Fuel Max retread is now available in 225-millimeter width. Widths of 215 millimeters and 235 millimeters will be available in June 2015. www.goodyeartrucktires.com


Ditch Witch Truck Vacuum Excavator

The Ditch Witch organization has introduced the FXT60 truck vacuum excavator, a versatile machine with the power to perform a wide variety of cleanup tasks, even in difficult-to-access locations.

The FXT60 is available on a Class 6 or 7 single-axle or Class 8 tandem-axle truck. An FXT60 configured with a tandem rear-axle truck offers maximum payload and towing capacity. Built to handle heavy spoils while towing a trailer, a tandem rear-axle model can reduce equipment and fuel expenses.

Equipped with a 74-horsepower Deutz diesel engine, the FXT60 offers 1,027 cfm of suction power and a high-pressure water system with a 5.5-gpm, 3,000-psi water pump. Its auto-clutching feature disengages the water pump when water is not in use, allowing full system power for suction. www.ditchwitch.com


DICA Ground Protection Mats

DICA Outrigger Pads’ AlturnaMATS Ground Protection Mats virtually eliminate the chance of equipment becoming stuck or causing rut damage. Contractors experience increased productivity and face fewer necessary ground repairs at the conclusion of the job, while event planners can provide improved parking and pedestrian walkways for guests.

Black AlturnaMATS in 4-foot-by-8-foot and 3-foot-by-8-foot sizes are available for immediate shipment. The standard configuration features a tough diamond plate tread design on both sides. A one-sided traction option (S1) is also available and is ideal for crews that want to prevent traction imprints or slide the mats easily on and off one another for storage.

Constructed of half-inch-thick, engineered high-density polyethylene material, AlturnaMATS provide a cost-effective replacement for plywood. They easily support up to 120 tons and can be linked together to build temporary roadways, walkways, work platforms or parking areas. Low total cost of ownership and a limited lifetime warranty make AlturnaMATS valuable tools in environments where ground protection is needed. www.dicausa.com


Deflecto Safety Arrow

The Safety Arrow from Deflecto LLC is a patented new emergency safety product designed to help reduce highway accidents and potentially save lives. The Safety Arrow provides a reflective, instantly recognizable device to help divert traffic around a roadside hazard. It can be used on trucks along with federally mandated reflective triangles or on automobiles and could significantly reduce the risk of secondary accidents due to stopped or disabled vehicles.

Deflecto’s Safety Arrow uses ultrabright fluorescent yellow reflective material that exceeds ASTM D4956 standards for visibility in a large, directional arrow design. Drivers point the arrow away from their stopped vehicle by placing it to the rear of the truck or car via attached magnets. Although the Safety Arrow opens to a large, highly visible size, it folds down easily for compact storage. www.deflecto.com/safetyarrow/

Harrison Hydra Qube

Harrison Hydra-Gen Hydra-Qube

The Hydra-Qube by Harrison Hydra-Gen is a compact, lightweight Qube for cooling mobile hydraulic systems. It provides continuous operation by controlling your system’s oil temperature while providing return line oil filtration. Additionally, the Hydra-Qube is easy to install; requires virtually zero maintenance; weighs hundreds of pounds less than conventional reservoirs; features an open-frame modular design with easy access to all components; and has best-in-class airflow, a 12-VDC cooling fan, modular mounting brackets, and easy-access oil fill and filter. www.harrisonhydragen.com


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