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RAM Mounts’ IntelliSkin Device Case

RAM Mounting Systems’ IntelliSkin is a protective device case that simplifies the frequent docking and undocking of smartphones and tablets common in utility, construction and government infrastructure applications. IntelliSkin provides standard charging contacts to prevent damage to Samsung phones and tablets in rugged transportation and work use environments.

IntelliSkin features an integrated power connector compatible with any Global Docking System (GDS) charging dock. This prevents damage to the device charging port and creates a universal docking system compatible with any device wrapped with an IntelliSkin case.

GDS sets a new standard by creating a uniform platform for connecting a variety of portable devices with power and data communication. RAM Mounts’ GDS platform provides compatibility with many different devices. Plus, it offers docking stations with scalability as smartphone and tablet manufacturers introduce new generations of devices. Vocational use applications of IntelliSkin with GDS include fleet hours of service, trip inspections, two-way communication, navigation, equipment inspections, project management and more.

IntelliSkin cases are currently available for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6, Tab S 8.4 and 10.5, Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 and 10.1, Galaxy Tab A 8.0 and 9.7, and Galaxy Tab Active 8.0. www.rammount.com


DPL Telematics’ Satellite Communications

Global satellite communications are now available for DPL Telematics’ Titan Equipment Monitoring System. The Titan is an advanced telematics solution for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of off-road equipment, as well as over-the-road trucks, to increase productivity while reducing fleet costs. Leveraging Iridium’s low-latency satellite network, Titan users can now communicate with their assets anywhere on the globe, regardless of cellular availability.

The Titan Equipment Monitoring System allows managers to wirelessly monitor all their assets continually and accurately from a robust, Internet-based software package and mobile app. Satellite-communicated reporting ranges from basic runtime and location tracking to enhanced J1939 CANBus monitoring. CANBus data typically includes diagnostic fault codes, fuel consumption, idle vs. work time analysis, engine direct hour meter/odometer readings as well as temperatures and pressures.

Threatening machine health conditions such as critical lamp statuses, temperatures and pressures are transmitted within seconds via satellite by the Titan so corrective action may be taken. Five different satellite communication reporting packages are available for the Titan, as low as $23 per month. www.dpltel.com


2016 Isuzu NPR Diesel

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc. has introduced its newest model – the 2016 NPR Diesel. The truck features a 13,000-pound GVWR and a 33.5-inch frame to offer more capability than previously available in an entry-level Isuzu diesel truck, while still providing legendary Isuzu durability and fuel economy.

Among the notable features of the 2016 NPR Diesel are a standard 30-gallon rear-mounted in-rail fuel tank; a frame width of 33.5 inches that will accept bodies up to 102 inches wide and 91 inches high; and four wheelbases – 109, 132.5, 150 and 176 inches – that will accept body lengths up to 20 feet.

The new NPR Diesel is powered by the newest and most modern power plant in the Isuzu family, the 3.0-liter 4JJ1-TC turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine. The power plant produces 150 horsepower and 282 pound-feet of torque at 1,600 to 2,800 rpm.

Production of the 2016 NPR Diesel will begin in Japan in November 2015, and the truck will be available at Isuzu’s network of nearly 300 dealers in North America shortly thereafter. www.isuzucv.com


GM-Navistar Vehicle Agreement

General Motors Co. and Navistar have reached a long-term agreement to develop and assemble future medium-duty, conventional cab Class 4/5 commercial vehicles, allowing Navistar to strengthen its product lineup and GM to expand its Chevrolet commercial truck portfolio.

The future products will be jointly developed using Navistar’s expertise in rolling chassis configurations and manufacturing capabilities, and GM’s commercial components and engines. The vehicles are slated for production in 2018 and will be manufactured at Navistar’s facility in Springfield, Ohio. Navistar plans to add 300 jobs and invest more than $12 million in facility upgrades and state-of-the-art equipment to produce the new vehicles. www.gm.com and www.navistar.com


Ranger Work Van Partitions

Ranger Design Inc. has launched the all-new Max View Clear Top Polycarbonate safety partition. These composite bulkhead partitions have been designed to provide a solid, secure barrier between the occupants of the van and the cargo, while increasing visibility and reducing blind spots.

Available November 1 for most popular cargo vans, the composite safety partitions are built of thermoformed ABS and polycarbonate and are engineered to resist maximum impact. Designed to be tighter fitting and rattle free, the new partition can increase cabin comfort by improving climate control and reducing noise. The safety partitions also feature a clear top that makes the cab of a small van feel more spacious, plus contouring to allow full seat travel and maximum cargo floor space. www.rangerdesign.com


Rotary Lift Mobile Column Lifts

Mach Series mobile column lifts from Rotary Lift minimize downtime with fast setup features and versatility. According to Doug Spiller, the company’s heavy-duty product manager, the lifts feature fast rise and descent times, so technicians spend less time waiting for the lift before they can start working. The lifts also come with intuitive controls that make it easy to synchronize each column during the setup process. Automatic steering systems further save time by eliminating the need to manually pump each column before transport, and brakes engage automatically when the handle is released.

To provide utility fleet service facilities with maximum versatility, Rotary Lift Mach Series lifts can be removed from under a raised truck once the vehicle is lowered onto jack stands. The lift can then be used to raise other trucks for service, preventing bottlenecks of vehicles.

Each Mach Series lift column is powered by batteries and comes with an onboard charger. Since there is no need to plug the columns into power outlets, there are fewer cords cluttering the service bay. The Mach Series lift can also be equipped with a wireless communications option that eliminates all communications cables. www.rotarylift.com


Doosan Utility-Mount Air Compressor

With a free-air delivery of 185 cfm and rated operating pressure of 100 psi, Doosan Portable Power’s utility-mount P185 offers the power to meet a variety of applications, including powering hand-held air tools, sandblasting, cable laying and pipeline testing. The above-deck portability provides towing capacity for larger machinery.

The utility-mount P185 compressor has been designed with the operator in mind by offering easy access to all major service points, leaving more time for the job at hand and less time spent on maintenance. The model is equipped with full-sized, locking end doors that make for faster inspections of fluid levels and filters, plus quick access to the battery and the spin-on oil separator for the easiest maintenance in the industry, according to Doosan.

A lower-positioned service air port and eye-level access to all controls and monitoring gauges ensure operator safety and convenience. The backlit LED Quick View Screens make for easy viewing of up to 13 commonly used parameters, and fault codes in text, with the option to translate into English, French and Spanish.

The new utility-mount P185 is powered by a Tier 4 Final-compliant, 49-horsepower Doosan D24 engine with a diesel oxidation catalyst after-treatment system, which is virtually maintenance-free. The high-performance engine delivers greater fuel efficiency and improved cold-starting capability. www.doosanportablepower.com


Vanair FST3000+ Air

Vanair Manufacturing Inc. has introduced the FST3000+ Air with Fast Start Technology. With more than 3,000 amps of charging capabilities, the FST 3000+ Air is the most unique, state-of-the-art engine starting and charging product on the market today, according to Vanair. The product features the exclusive Vanair Super Capacitor, a 240-amp alternator, a gas fuel-injected Kohler engine and up to a 24-cfm (at up to 175 psi) reciprocating two-stage air compressor, enabling the operator to use a variety of air tools at the job site. A remote control panel provides a central, safe location to operate the features of the machine.

The FST3000+ Air can be equipped with either a 12- or 12/24-volt engine start and battery charge capability. Comprehensive safety features are abundant, and include reverse polarity and short-circuit lockout protection, connection faults and voltage protection. Low oil pressure and engine-over-temperature shutdown are also included. www.vanair.com


Golight LED Work Light

Golight Inc. has introduced its GXL 4021 fixed-position LED work light. The new light’s fascia measures just 4.5 inches wide by 4 inches tall, has a depth of only 3.5 inches and comes with a 2-inch stainless steel mounting bracket. The GXL 4021 represents the company’s expansion of its permanently mounted, manually adjustable LED work lights and is the smallest of the four lights it now offers in that category.

The light’s small size and stunning illumination power are byproducts of its space-saving LED cluster design, combining four clusters of four high-powered LEDs to generate a maximum output of 4,500 lumens. The raw power of the light’s 16 LEDs is controlled through the use of three rugged yet versatile polycarbonate lenses. Changing lenses is easy and users can switch between spot, flood and combination spot/flood lenses as the need arises.

The powerful new LED work light has been condensed into a deceptively small format that makes it an extremely versatile light source that is easy to mount virtually anywhere on a vehicle. The light’s hardened aluminum housing is ultraresilient and, combined with the light’s solid-state electronics, has been engineered for extreme super-duty service with an impact G-force survivability rating of 40 G’s. www.golight.com


Takeuchi TS80 Skid-Steer Loaders

Takeuchi-US has introduced TS80 skid-steer loaders that are available in both radial- and vertical-loader arrangements. Highly maneuverable and powerful, the large-frame TS80 loaders deliver an outstanding blend of performance, durability and operator comfort. They feature a 74-horsepower, Final Tier 4 Deutz engine that delivers an impressive 192 foot-pounds of torque at 1,800 rpm. A key benefit of the new Deutz engine is its simple, maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalyst that does not require regeneration, cleaning or diesel exhaust fluid.

Takeuchi’s TS80R2 features an operating weight of 7,950 pounds and a rated operating capacity of 2,825 pounds. The bucket breakout force on the TS80R2 is 5,845 pounds, with a lift-arm force of 7,080 pounds and a maximum hinge pin height of 10 feet, 5 inches.

The TS80V2 is heavier than its radial counterpart, with an operating weight of 8,965 pounds and a rated operating capacity of 3,500 pounds. Bucket breakout force on the vertical model is 5,920 pounds, with a lift-arm force of 6,200 pounds and a maximum hinge pin height of 10 feet, 10 inches.

Comfortable to operate, the TS80 skid steers feature a functional and well-equipped operator’s station. Several new options are also available, including ride control, bucket positioning and high-flow auxiliary hydraulics. www.takeuchi-us.com

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