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Bigfoot Internal and Plastic Handles

Bigfoot Outrigger Pads is now offering their new Internal Handles, which are machined out of solid plastic. The company also is offering their all-new Plastic Handles that never get sopping wet. Founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1996, Bigfoot has grown from building wood outrigger pads for a few local concrete pumping and crane companies to being a leading wood and plastic outrigger pad manufacturer for OEMs, machine dealers and end users throughout the U.S. and Canada. www.outriggerpads.com


What’s New in Truck Bodies for Utility Fleets

Some of the industry’s leading truck body manufacturers are developing new products that equip your crews to get more work done, with less strain and greater safety. They’re incorporating more advanced lightweight materials in their product designs so you can reduce fuel costs or increase a truck’s legal payload without bumping up to a larger vehicle. And they’re offering more electrified options so you can cut engine idle – and your fleet’s carbon footprint.

Who are these body companies and what are some of the products and design enhancements they’ve recently brought to market to help you achieve your business objectives? Here are five new developments to watch.

What’s New: HyPower IM
Website: www.terex.com/utilities/

Introduced last fall, the HyPower IM is a plug-in electric power takeoff (ePTO) efficiency system that manages the chassis engine for the greater horsepower required to operate the boom. It does this by automatically switching from plug-in battery-stored power when the truck is idling to engine-supplied power when hydraulic controls are engaged.

“Throughout an eight-hour workday, on a typical trouble truck, the aerial’s hydraulic controls are engaged about one hour total run time. By allowing the hydraulic system to switch to engine power during those brief intervals, HyPower IM is still able to provide emissions efficiencies plus optimum hydraulic control function,” said Tyler Henderson, product development manager with Terex. “The transition is seamless. Operators will experience no lag time in hydraulic responsiveness.”

HyPower IM also enables the truck cab to be heated or cooled without running the engine, using the truck’s heating and cooling vents. A 4-kWh package is required for the cab comfort feature, while a 1-kWh package is sufficient for most trouble truck applications.

HyPower IM is currently available for Class 5 chassis, such as Ford, Dodge and GM trucks, used with Terex Hi-Ranger telescopic aerial devices, including the LT, LTM and TL series aerial devices.

What’s New: Utility Maintenance Truck
Website: www.dejana.com

Last year, Dejana introduced a new Utility Maintenance Truck designed for conventional cutaway van and medium-duty truck chassis-cabs as an alternative to traditional step vans, like the “bread trucks” that are built on stripped chassis.

The company says that the Utility Maintenance Truck offers low rear-entry step-in height that’s on par with most step vans, while providing more interior work and walk space. The company also says that a conventional chassis-cab for the Utility Maintenance Truck offers a quieter ride – with less rattling and noise from the cargo area – than a stripped chassis used for traditional step vans.

Dejana’s spec includes custom interior shelving, drawers and workstations; curbside front generator compartment with exterior access; a Cummins-Onan 5000-watt gas generator; drop-down rear step bumper; Rosco rearview camera system; Coleman 13500-BTU air-conditioning and heating unit for the rear work area; complete workbench on the street-side interior with aluminum drawers and cabinets; and a workbench with electric outlets and 12-volt charging stations.

What’s New: UltimateFX Composite Understructure for Service Bodies
Website: http://brandfxbody.com

BrandFX’s lightweight composite service bodies just got lighter, helping utility fleets increase payload capacity, improve fuel economy and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

How? In January, BrandFX announced the development of a new all-composite service truck body understructure: the UltimateFX. Traditionally, the understructure – which serves as the skeleton for the service body – has been built of conventional steel to ensure strength and durability. But with UltimateFX, utility fleets can reduce the weight of their trucks without sacrificing strength. That’s because, according to the company, the new composite understructure is lighter than aluminum and as strong as steel.

The UltimateFX understructure is designed for BrandFX’s Everlast service bodies, which are available for 40-inch, 60-inch and 84-inch cab-to-axle chassis, in either single or dual rear-wheel truck configurations.

What’s New: Fiberglass Mobile Service Crane Truck
Website: www.altec.com

In February, Altec introduced its new fiberglass mobile service crane truck for companies looking to perform their own service work. Modeled after the existing mobile service truck used by Altec Service Group, the truck features an integrated steel crane support structure, master body locking system, boom support and fiberglass shelving. The company says that the fiberglass truck body is strong and lightweight because it’s designed with Altec’s patented, integrated core material.

Options on the mobile service crane truck include electric-over-hydraulic controls, aluminum sliding bed cover, a mechanic’s work platform and drawer kits.

What’s New: Walk-In Van with Hybrid-Electric Auxiliary Power for Underground Utility Maintenance
Website: www.spartanmotors.com/fleet-vehicles/

Last summer, Utilimaster introduced its new walk-in van, featuring hybrid-electric auxiliary power, designed for underground utility maintenance. The vehicle incorporates two key pieces of technology designed to make utility worksites greener, quieter and more comfortable for workers. The Odyne plug-in hybrid battery technology feeds auxiliary power to utility maintenance equipment, while an onboard air exchange system provides workers in underground vaults with cooled or heated fresh air from the vehicle.

The company says that the Odyne system enables utility maintenance personnel to operate tools and other equipment with batteries that provide up to 28 continuous kilowatt hours of power, without the need for a separate diesel generator. The hybrid battery-powered system also eliminates the need for frequent engine restarts to charge batteries, resulting in a quieter worksite and extended work hours.

“This plug-in hybrid system fits right into the green initiatives that have become standard practice at many utility companies,” John Forbes, president of Utilimaster, said in a statement. “Compared to diesel-/gas-powered generators, powering equipment with an electric system reduces greenhouse gases by 50 percent or more. Fuel and maintenance cost savings are significant, too – up to $10,000 per year.”


Terex HyPower IM

Terex Utilities now offers customers another option to meet their green fleet needs with the new HyPower IM, the latest innovation in the HyPower hybrid solutions offering.

HyPower IM is an idle mitigation and cab comfort solution. It provides benefits similar to those of the HyPower Hybrid System, including reduced fuel usage and reduced exhaust emissions, but at a lower price point. The system automatically switches from plug-in battery-stored power when the truck is idling to engine-supplied power when hydraulic controls are engaged.

In addition, HyPower IM enables the truck cab to be heated or cooled without the engine running, utilizing the truck’s heating and cooling vents.

HyPower IM is currently available for Class 5 chassis – such as Ford, Dodge and GM trucks – used with Terex Hi-Ranger telescopic aerial devices, such as the LT, LTM and TL series aerial devices. http://info.terex.com/hypoweriminfo


Milwaukee Tool and Equipment Tracker

Milwaukee Tool has introduced the TICK, a professional-grade Bluetooth tool and equipment tracker. Designed to withstand the harshest job site environments, the TICK can be easily attached and hidden from sight on any product, regardless of brand, providing users an invaluable way to track anything in their inventory through the ONE-KEY app.

With its low-profile design, the TICK can securely attach to anything through glue, screw, rivet or strap. Its flat back enables a snug fit to a variety of surface types, and its circular shape fits into a range of places hidden from view (e.g., the underside of a ladder or miter saw stand). Each TICK also is laser engraved with a serial number so users can easily identify and assign multiple TICKs. Once attached and hidden from view, the TICK makes tracking tools and equipment as simple as pulling out your phone.

Products with a TICK attached are paired via the ONE-KEY app. Tool records and locations are updated when any device with the ONE-KEY app comes within 100 feet of the TICK. These location updates are transmitted through any ONE-KEY app that’s in range, regardless of whether the app is open or not, allowing users to pinpoint missing tools more quickly. In addition, users can easily manage all of their tools through the app’s Simplified Tool and Equipment Management features. These features allow users to assign and store detailed information for all of their tools and equipment, whether it’s a tool equipped with a TICK, a ONE-KEY enabled tool or any other tool or piece of equipment. www.milwaukeetool.com


ALL Expands Fleet and Customer Choice

The ALL Family of Companies recently announced the acquisition of an equipment package consisting of large-capacity crawlers and aerial lift equipment, including boom lifts and telescopic forklifts. The two separate deals with leading-brand manufacturers Manitowoc and JLG will include 30 new machines.

The Manitowoc purchase includes two 275-USt Manitowoc 999 crawler cranes, which are a combination of capacity, reliability and versatility. Also joining the crawler fleet is a new 220-USt Manitowoc 14000. With its long reach – up to 462 feet with the luffing jib attached – this is an extremely versatile crane.

ALL Aerials, the company’s nationwide aerial equipment division, continues to experience strong demand for their varied inventory of equipment. The company’s new JLG package includes 17 telescopic boom lifts, with horizontal outreach ranging from 33 to 80 feet, as well as 10 JLG telescopic forklifts (telehandlers). These range from the JLG 642, with a maximum capacity of 6,600 pounds, to the heavy-duty JLG G15-44A, the largest of JLG’s telehandlers, with a maximum capacity of 15,000 pounds. Telehandlers and boom lifts are maneuverable, efficient machines that offer real advantages on crowded job sites. Their power, versatility and ability to work at awkward angles can directly and positively affect productivity. www.allcrane.com


Ditch Witch Tier 4 Drill Upgrades

To provide horizontal directional drilling operators with the power and performance to conquer any job, Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced Tier 4 emission standard upgrades to the JT60 and JT60 All Terrain directional drills.

With new Tier 4 engine upgrades, these drills offer contractors 60,000 pounds of thrust and 9,000 foot-pounds of rotational torque – the right combination for superior productivity on large installations in rural or urban environments. Drilling with 200-gross-hp Tier 4 Cummins engines, the JT60 and JT60 All Terrain deliver the power to bore through the most challenging underground obstacles, including rock and other hard, fractured soils.

The two-pipe drilling system featured on the JT60 All Terrain drill delivers more raw power to the drill bit than any other rock-drilling system in its class. The combination of simultaneous drilling and steering through rock allows horizontal directional drilling contractors to get jobs done faster and more efficiently.

Both drill models feature an automated, easy-to-use pipeloading system, designed to save contractors time and money, as well as an optional new wireline platform. Heavy-duty anchor systems provide the stability necessary during drilling and backreaming to use the machines’ full thrust capabilities when navigating challenging underground conditions, keeping the drill operating efficiently and the bore path stable. With the smallest footprint in its class, the machines drill through the toughest conditions even in hard-to-reach, tight job sites. www.ditchwitch.com


Mohawk Lift Accessory

Mohawk Lifts has announced a new lift accessory for 10,000-pound through 30,000-pound two-post lifts. The swing arm head guard prevents technicians from hurting or cutting their heads on hard, steel swing arms while they are working under a vehicle. Easily applied to the lift’s swing arm with a peel-and-stick application, the head guard decreases workplace injuries and increases worker safety. www.mohawklifts.com


Sherman + Reilly PTV-6013

Sherman + Reilly, a Textron Inc. company, has a new PTV-6013 that operates equally well as a puller, tensioner and V-groove reconductorer, providing utilities and contractors performing a wide variety of jobs with versatility on the job site.

The new PTV-6013 unit can pull out old conductor, wind on a scrap reel, unload with the 18,000-pound self-loading reel carrier and tension out new conductor all with one machine. The V-groove reconductoring channel permits easy handling of splicing sleeves, all in a wide range of conductor or rope diameters.

This unit addresses the market need for expanded pulling and tensioning capacities by offering 13,000 pounds of pulling capacity for transmission, subtransmission and distribution applications with tensioning capabilities of up to 8,000 pounds. The PTV-6013 simplifies the job site by reducing setup time for loading and splicing of cable reels, all within a compact 26-foot footprint. By combining puller/tensioner capabilities with an 18,000-pound self-loading reel carrier, the PTV-6013 eliminates the need for additional equipment on the job site.

The PTV-6013 features a Safe-Zone cab providing ultimate safety and comfort for the operator. The Safe-Zone cab employs a floor-to-ceiling polycarbonate front window for maximum visibility while providing protection against impact. The cab includes climate control, a fully adjustable ergonomic seat and all required electronic controls and gauges. The Safe-Zone cab is designed to reduce operator fatigue, and provide an off-ground envelope for greatly reducing the risk of touch potential in energized environments. www.sherman-reilly.com


Gabriel FleetLine Ride Control Products

Gabriel (Ride Control LLC) has introduced new FleetLine ride control products for a wide range of heavy-duty vehicle makes and models, including Western Star, Kenworth, Thomas School Bus, Mack and more. In total, Gabriel is announcing 15 new product introductions, including some that are first to market.

FleetLine shocks are designed as a direct replacement for commercial OE shocks, and are built to meet or exceed OE specifications and quality standards. They feature valving rates that compensate for initial truck suspension softening to deliver top performance, as well as a preloaded piston ring that compensates for wear.

The recently updated FleetLine product line now features an improved anti-corrosion coating and a drastically improved misting reduction seal, thereby reducing maintenance downtime and extending service life. With Gabriel’s improved misting reduction seal technology, oil loss will be reduced by 70 percent over time, leading to longer life as compared to competing technologies. www.gabriel.com


TRP Lubricant Program

Available in the U.S., Canada and Latin America, TRP Engine Oil, TRP Synthetic Transmission Oil and TRP Synthetic Gear Oil are the newest additions to the TRP global catalog of over 110,000 parts.

Formulated to guard against wear and corrosion in demanding applications, the products in the TRP Lubricant Program protect axle components, transmissions and engines for longer life and smoother operation across a wide range of operating conditions.

Perfect for a mixed fleet, TRP Engine Oil (SAE 15W-40 and SAE 10W-30) protects today’s four-stroke diesel and gasoline engines, and keeps older engine models running smoothly as well. Made to combat the sludge, varnish and ash deposits that can occur at high operating temperatures, TRP Engine Oil protects against oxidation, corrosion and rust. It also provides diesel particulate filter protection.

For all-climate, year-round protection of heavy-duty manual transmissions, TRP Synthetic Transmission Oil (SAE 50 Synthetic) offers exceptional performance. Recommended for a broad range of heavy-duty truck transmissions including Eaton and Meritor, TRP Synthetic Transmission Oil has a high viscosity index and low pour point for easy shifting in low temperatures. Its formulation protects against gear wear and copper corrosion, while providing thermal and oxidation stability.

TRP Synthetic Gear Oil (SAE 75W-90 Synthetic) is recommended as a rear axle and differential oil in over-the-road and off-road vehicles and is as crucial to the reliability of a heavy-duty vehicle as its engine or transmission lubricant. TRP Synthetic Gear Oil is a multigrade gear lubricant designed for the extreme pressure of heavy-duty applications. TRP Synthetic Gear Oil reduces operating temperatures when compared to conventional gear lubricants. www.trpparts.com

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