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Roadmaster RM234

The RM234 from Roadmaster is a SmartWay-verified premium regional all-position tire for high-scrub applications. The tread compound provides excellent treadwear and increased resistance to cutting and chipping. The curb bars on the sidewalls help to protect the tires from curbing damage, and preserve the casing for retreading. The tire design and compound provide low tire rolling resistance and contribute to fuel efficiency, to help keep you on the road longer. www.roadmastertires.com



PRINOTH has launched the PANTHER T14R Rotating Dumper, which will allow the continuous rotation of the upper portion of the vehicle independent from the undercarriage. With its 13,200-kilogram (29,100-pound) payload capacity, this carrier will have the largest payload of any vehicle of this type in its category. The rotating separation of this vehicle will allow working in tight, sensitive areas where other vehicles do not have access. Featuring the same large wheels/tandem suspension undercarriage design – unique to PANTHER vehicles – the T14R stands out by offering increased off-road capability and stable transport of material over rough terrain.

The PANTHER T14R also differentiates itself from the competition with its superior speed of 13 km/h (8.1 mph) and its narrower width of less than 102 inches, which complies with North American standard transportation regulations.

A new feature called a direction reset has been added to this vehicle. Once the vehicle has turned 180 degrees, the upper portion rotates against the lower portion of the vehicle. By simply pushing a button, the operator will be able to reset the vehicle’s upper and lower portions’ alignment. www.prinoth.com


Intellitec Battery Guard 2000

The Battery Guard 2000 from Intellitec Products is a low-voltage disconnect system designed for commercial trucks and special vehicles, as well as for performing low-voltage disconnect functions. Battery Guard 2000 also allows the vehicle operator to manually disconnect the battery if so desired.

Key features include guaranteed starting power; manual battery disconnect; extends battery life; ignition protected; system test on start; fully waterproof ECU; uses Delphi Packard IP67 waterproof connectors; supplied as a complete kit ready to install; uses the rugged and reliable Intellitec range of battery disconnects; return on investment in one operation; and made in the USA. www.intellitec.com


Terex HyPower IM

Terex Utilities now offers customers another option to meet their green fleet needs with the new HyPower IM, the latest innovation in the HyPower hybrid solutions offering.

HyPower IM is an idle mitigation and cab comfort solution. It provides benefits similar to those of the HyPower Hybrid System, including reduced fuel usage and reduced exhaust emissions, but at a lower price point. The system automatically switches from plug-in battery-stored power when the truck is idling to engine-supplied power when hydraulic controls are engaged.

In addition, HyPower IM enables the truck cab to be heated or cooled without the engine running, utilizing the truck’s heating and cooling vents. A 4-kWh package is required for the cab comfort feature; otherwise, a 1-kWh package will suffice for typical trouble truck applications.

HyPower IM is currently available for Class 5 chassis – such as Ford, Dodge and GM trucks – used with Terex Hi-Ranger telescopic aerial devices, such as the LT, LTM and TL series aerial devices. http://info.terex.com/hypoweriminfo


Takeuchi Hydraulic Excavator

Takeuchi-US has launched the TB2150 hydraulic excavator. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the TB2150 replaces the Takeuchi TB1140 SERIES 2 excavator. The new model is the largest, most capable excavator in the Takeuchi lineup.

At 34,480 pounds, the machine delivers greater functionality, performance, comfort and serviceability than the previous TB1140 SERIES 2 model.

The TB2150 offers a maximum digging depth of 18 feet; maximum dump height of 20 feet, 4.9 inches; maximum reach of 28 feet, 8.9 inches; and maximum bucket breakout force of 22,190 pounds.

Powered by a Deutz TCD 3.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine that is U.S. EPA Final Tier 4 emission compliant, the TB2150 produces 114 horsepower, a 10 percent increase over the previous version. It also delivers 339 foot-pounds of torque, a 19 percent increase. The engine utilizes a DOC+SCR diesel exhaust after-treatment system that requires the use of diesel exhaust fluid.

Serviceability and uptime have been improved by simplifying access to key maintenance. This includes a nearly 5 percent increase in fuel tank capacity, and the engine does not have a diesel particulate filter to maintain. In addition, the machine comes standard with Takeuchi’s new telematics system, Takeuchi Fleet Management. www.takeuchi-us.com


LineWise Insulated Work Platform

The LineWise IWP-765kV Insulated Work Platform is designed to enhance worker productivity and increase job functions performed with hydraulic telescoping cranes and digger derricks. The platform permits bare-hand work and de-energized line construction, and reduces lineworker fatigue by eliminating the need to climb towers.

Featuring a tried-and-proven design, the IWP-765kV provides electrical insulation to personnel working on live transmission lines and equipment at voltages up to 765 kV. The insulated jib consists of a main structural fiberglass member, which is filament wound with computer-controlled, continuous-roving epoxy/anhydride resin. It’s also sealed with bulkhead covers to minimize maintenance and protect from contaminants that may reduce insulation properties.

The IWP-765kV features a radio control system that provides flexible, precise operation. The control system incorporates fully proportional, state-of-the-art controls. These allow simultaneous operation of the telescope, boom and rotation functions, and enable the operator to better position the platform to suit virtually any job.

Every unit comes standard with a two-person, steel-constructed basket, which can be easily installed and removed by two lineworkers. It features a 600-pound-capacity, 36-inch-by-72-inch platform, with the controls located on the curbside near the top rail. www.diversifiedproduct.com


QuickCable Portable Power Packs

QuickCable Corp. – a leading manufacturer of connectors, cable/cable assemblies, tools and accessories for the energy storage industry – has introduced its new Rescue LiFePO4 200 and 400 Portable Power Pack units, available in a compact design with exceptional safety features.

The LiFePO4 200 and 400 portable power packs utilize a lithium-iron phosphate battery. Important safety features were built directly into the unit, not just into the booster clamps. A microprocessor board controls multiple protective/safety features, including overload, reverse polarity, short circuit, overheat, backfeed/backward current, overcharge/discharge, low-voltage and low-temperature protections. Not only is this unit a jump-starter and power source, but it will also test your battery and alternator voltage through the booster clamps or using the micro USB connected into a 12-volt power supply within the driver compartment.

For more information, watch an informational video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihd6pznrGYQ. www.quickcable.com


Terex Stand Alone Core Barrel

Terex Utilities recently announced a new auger tool for digger derricks: the Terex Stand Alone Core Barrel. It fits directly onto a standard Kelly bar and can be stowed like a standard auger on the boom. When a flighted auger will no longer do the job, the new Terex Stand Alone Core Barrel can increase productivity when drilling hard rock, such as limestone material.

For applications that require drilling to begin at ground level, a removable pilot bit can be used to stabilize the Stand Alone Core Barrel in order to start a hole. Once initial penetration is achieved, the pilot bit can be removed. The optional pilot bit is important for achieving a straight starter track.

In addition, the Stand Alone Core Barrel is designed for easy plug removal, increasing drilling productivity. A unique tooth pattern allows the rock plug to easily fall out of the barrel when the operator ratchets the rotation of the tool. Other core barrels require workers to physically hammer the core out of the barrel.

The Stand Alone Core Barrel is available in various diameters ranging from 18 to 30 inches and features a barrel wall of 5/8 of an inch. The heavy-duty hex hub is either 2-1/2 inches or 2-5/8 inches, and it comes with a Dom ST5 2-3/4-inch shaft. The overall length of the tool is 104 inches. Access to the C-10 bullet teeth provides for easy removal and replacement. www.terex.com/utilities


Leece-Neville Starter Motor

Prestolite Electric’s Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems brand now offers a powerful and highly robust new in-line gear-reduction starter motor – the M110608 – for PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines and Peterbilt and Kenworth 2010 and newer applications up to 16 liters.

The new starter brings superior performance and reliability – along with quick, bolt-in replacement – to engines today served by PACCAR, Mitsubishi and Delco Remy 39MT units. The in-line gear-reduction design helps ensure greater power from a lighter unit that can easily fit within tighter spaces.

Leece-Neville starters and alternators are manufactured by Prestolite Electric, a leading original equipment and aftermarket manufacturer serving customers in the trucking, construction, agriculture, mining and other markets.

The new Leece-Neville 12-volt (7-kilowatt) M110608 starter motor features Prestolite’s Integral Magnetic Switch/Soft Start Relay technology, which helps eliminate voltage drop issues by minimizing wiring between the relay and solenoid. Other key enhancements include a next-generation commutator with oversize copper cross-section, enlarged armature to minimize air gap losses, heavy-duty brush plate for best-in-class conductivity and an advanced e-coating on the housing for exceptional resistance to corrosion. www.prestolite.com


Bendix Fleet MetLok Brakes

MAT Holdings Inc. has announced the relaunch of the Bendix Brakes brand Fleet MetLok product line, a line of automotive disc brake pads and rotors designed specifically for use in severe-duty applications, as well as service and pursuit vehicles.

A trusted industry name for over two decades, the Fleet MetLok product line has been enhanced to provide even better friction performance and coverage, and expanded to include rotors and pads.

Bendix Fleet MetLok semi- and low-metallic brake pads feature friction formulations proven to provide noise-free performance, fade and heat tolerance, outstanding durability and excellent stopping in demanding applications. They also feature a three-layer shim, burnishing compound to reduce break-in time and a hardware kit when applicable.

The Fleet MetLok rotors are built with alloyed carbon performance castings, which provide superior thermal stability and strength, and ensure safe operation in all driving conditions. Additionally, they are coated with the Bendix proprietary heat-resistant SurfaceLok coating, which extends rotor life by reducing corrosion.

The Fleet MetLok product line is ideal for use in heavy hauling, towing, frequent stopping and pursuit applications, such as in work vans, construction pickup trucks and more. www.bendix-brakes.com/bendix_fleet_metlok.php

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