The Final 3

Each issue, we ask a fleet professional to share three keys to fleet success.

This issue’s Final 3 participant is Jim Bishop, director of fleet services for INTREN Inc., a full-service utility construction contractor based in Union, Ill., with more than 1,000 employees and offices in Illinois, California, Wisconsin and Missouri. Bishop oversees a fleet of nearly 1,400 assets.

#1: Build a support network.
“Get involved with the various fleet organizations, such as NAFA [National Association of Fleet Administrators], where you can meet other fleet managers, learn from them and get real-world-tested ideas that you might be able to apply in your own fleet. If you try to do things on your own, without support, you can get steered in the wrong direction pretty easily.”

#2: Collaborate with the end user.
“Far too often you hear of fleet making a decision and buying what they think is the best thing, without talking with the people who are actually using the vehicle. When you include the end user in the specification process, you can make certain that you spec a vehicle that meets their needs to do their job most productively.”

#3: Pay close attention to the details.
“If you’re spec’ing a 33,000-GVWR truck but don’t take into consideration that you’re also pulling 25,000 pounds behind the truck, you may find that you’ve built a truck that does not meet your customer’s needs – after it’s too late. Be clear on the truck’s job description and go through the details to make sure the truck spec matches the job.”


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